SharePoint Development Case Study - Intranet portal setup & Forms migration


Healthcare Management

Customer Profile

The customer is a leading single-specialty anesthesia and perioperative management companies in the United States who partner with hospitals and physician offices to provide leadership that enhances operating room performance.


  • Setup, Configuration, and Migration activities are scripted to be managed by Client’s IT
  • Custom self-service options to reset password help users to not to wait for IT’s availability
  • Change Management process with effective workflow process enabled smooth working
  • Ability to handle Operating Room schedules real-time with options to print and email to doctors

Service Provided

  • Consulting
  • Branding
  • Implementation
  • Forms migration
  • Support

Technology Used

  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • Client-side Object Model
  • Twilio
  • JavaScript


The Customer wanted a portal set up in their existing environment to support their entire organization for communication and collaboration. Congruent helped them setup SharePoint for 200+ corporate users and 5000+ doctors from various locations


Customer Situation

The customer had been running a SharePoint 2013 based portal for IT helpdesk services

  • They wanted to extend this portal set up to the entire organization for communication and collaboration
  • Customer requested Congruent to set up the base portal with basic forms needed for Operational activities
  • The customer also wanted to engage Congruent for migration of content from First Class to SharePoint as management of content with FirstClass was becoming a cumbersome process

Congruent's Solution

  • Congruent setup the SharePoint farm with the target user base of 200+ corporate users and 5000+ doctors across 85 locations
  • Congruent built the migration scripts and tools to migrate the content between FirstClass and SharePoint
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