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Salesforce Case Study - Sales cloud Enhancement, Support and Maintenance

Solution Overview



Customer Situation

  • Customer requested for technician calendar to see the daily field works
  • Technician should be allotted by their respective manager followed by alert SMS
  • The site visit could be either accepted/rejected by the technician thru SMS reply
  • During the site visit, the technician should be notified with proposed amount by referencing customer specific price book before submit the service sheet
  • Technicians on Leaves/unavailability should go through automatic approval process and notifications
  • Generate recursive invoices
  • Automatic notification of dashboard/reports for different frequency based on customer, technician or managers

Congruent's Solution

  • Congruent utilized E-mail service to update the technician's leaves to get the list of available days automatically
  • Designed ad-hoc reports and dashboards to meet the specific business needs by using VisualForce page and apex code
  • Performed SMS integration to alert the technicians
  • Opportunity stages are updated automatically based on predefined conditions. The conditions could be changed at any point of time without altering the code
  • Based on the postal code, technicians would be allotted automatically
  • Based on the service frequency in contract and current visit date, further visits would be created automatically for the customer
  • Implemented E-mail to Case creation to track customer requests
  • Fixed run time live errors
  • Generated custom reports on ad-hoc basis

Technology Used

Apex, VisualForce, Jquery Workflow rule, validation rule, Approval process, Data loader

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