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Do you love to be challenged & have your skills extended to new heights? Congruent will make you realize your potentials by offering a new window of opportunity every day. You will interact with diverse people with unique perspective, who are at the top of their game.

Our Recruitment Process… Come Experience it

The Phone Screen

This is the beginning of our engagement. Our Recruiters are eager to know you, your interests, passion etc. This is the time you get to ask us questions to know more about the organization, kind of people whom you’ll be working with, Benefits / Perks etc. We will be more than happy to explain the interview process or any other related query.

Technical discussion

This is when our recruiter will schedule a discussion for you to meet our technical team. You will get to meet few of our technical team at our office for a discussion. You could also showcase any of your work / ideas at this point of time. We believe showcasing some of your work is valued more than just answering few questions. We will be delighted to see some of the work you have done out of your own interest besides your official projects.

Decision Making

We will come back to you with our decision at the earliest. Do not hesitate to call / mail our recruiters on the outcome of your discussion.

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