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Dynamics CRM for Nonprofits

Helping nonprofits succeed with the Dynamics CRM platform
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We at Congruent specialize in providing Constituent Relationship Management solutions to Nonprofits on Dynamics CRM platform. Congruent has vast experience in implementing CRM systems to customers and this makes us one of the most preferred vendors in this segment.

Our Constituent Relationship Management Framework

Membership Management

Relationship Management

Financial Management

Integration of online donations

Event Management

Campaign Management

Donation & Pledge Management

Constituent Management

What We Can Do?

  • Member & constituent management - Tracking an organization/individual/contact’s addresses, relationships, phone, emails, appointments, pledges, donations, orders, invoices etc.
  • Donation Management - Track and manage donations related to a constituent, pledge, program or a campaign
  • Pledge Management - Track and manage pledges against a constituent, member, campaign, payments etc.
  • Campaign Management - Plan and manage campaigns effectively. Track responses, donations, assign activities etc.
  • Event Management - Track event responses, attendees, sessions, sponsors, vendors, event packages, donations etc.
  • Relationship Management - Track donations, pledges gathered through relationships
  • Financial Integration - Easy integration with your ERP and other internal, external financial systems
  • Integration of online donations - Integration with payment solutions and gateways to collect online donations
  • Dashboards and reports - Customized dashboards and reports giving you a holistic view

Why Congruent?

  • Congruent with its expertise in working with several Nonprofits has developed a constituent relationship management framework on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.
  • Tracking of constituents, donations, relationships, financial integration, and a whole lot of other features are addressed with this framework.
  • This ready-to-use framework saves enormous time & cost, as it addresses almost all the common needs of a Nonprofit, instead of reinventing the wheel.
  • To address the unique needs, Customization can be made on the framework rather than developing the whole solution.
  • The framework quickens the entire development cycle, making it easy to deploy, thereby enabling faster implementation to the customer.

Our Dynamics CRM Consulting for Nonprofits Approach

We can help you scale new heights
  • Nonprofit approach step 1

    Requirement Analysis

    Defining what your Nonprofit requires and developing a basic model to explain how Dynamics CRM can help you achieve them

  • Nonprofit approach step 2

    Configuration & Admin

    Basic configuration and administration of Dynamics CRM to get your system up and running quickly

  • Nonprofit approach step 3

    Customizations / Add-ons

    Providing customization and add-on development, in cases where the out-of-the-box features of CRM doesn’t address your unique needs.

  • Nonprofit approach step 4

    Data Migration

    Migrate your existing data/information both from Legacy data system and other documents to the Dynamics CRM database to access constituent information anywhere, anytime.

  • Nonprofit approach step 5

    Financial System Integration

    Integrate Dynamics CRM with ERP system and other internal, external financial systems to track payments registered.

  • Nonprofit approach step 6

    Online Donations

    Enable and track Donations, Grants made to the Nonprofits by integrating Payment gateways

  • Nonprofit approach step 7

    Deployment, Training & Support

    Implement Dynamics CRM with all the necessary extensions for the Nonprofit and assist them with training and support to get the best out of it.

Customer Speaks

We have had several last minute/high priority requests. If all of these requests had not been acted on by the Congruent team in the timely manner they were, there could have been terrible consequences for the project... Your team has risen to the challenge brilliantly. Congruent team members have been stunningly responsive...

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